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The future of loyalty

As the digital world evolves, brands will gain more in-depth customer data from their loyalty schemes. Using that information wisely will build strong relationships between brand and consumer.

Loyalty schemes, in one form or another, have been around for 30 years, and the UK’s big hitters, Nectar and Tesco Clubcard, have been firmly established for around 10 and 20 years respectively. Continue Reading →

Design, does it create valuable opportunity?

Design opens up valuable opportunities for businesses. Its importance is often underestimated, but good design can bring some significant business benefits. The research and prototype stages of the design process can generate new product ideas and allow you to discover your customers’ needs and preferences. Continue Reading →

Applying push/pull marketing to digital media?

Do you know the difference between push and pull digital marketing? Engaging customers through a connected digital marketing campaign which includes both push and pull marketing is your best solution. Continue Reading →